Monday, April 13, 2015

Call To SFR Brigade Members - Upcoming Summer Event

***UPCOMING PROMO OPP!***Brigade Members ONLY!***
Hello Brigaders!

The long term members here will be familiar with our annual Midsummer blog hop, which has run for the past three years with moderate success. However, it has been decided not to run it this year. I know that may come as a shock and a disappointment to many, but we felt that for many reasons, the Midsummer blog hop had become somewhat redundant. With Corinne's hop running this April, the SFR Brigade House Party in March, the issues with rafflecopter last year and Facebook's new policy on forbidding Page Likes as a rafflecopter entry, and some unhappiness last year with the restrictiveness of a single overall theme that some felt left them out of participation, we decided it was time for a change. And time for something bigger and hopefully better!
We'd like to introduce you to the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe - a six week event starting in June and featuring a sizzling smorgasbord of science fiction romance!
How's it going to work? Well, each of the six weeks will have its own theme (see, we want ALL of you to have a chance to get involved). The themes will be:
  • Space Opera
  • Dystopia
  • All the Punk (any kind of punk including steam, deco, bio, cyber, diesel...if you can punk it, it's in!) 
  • Weird Science (this can include any kind of weird science - zombies, superheroes, advance/enhanced humans, biological experiments, Frankenstein's Monster type stories - if it's science and it's freaky, it's in!)
  • Androids and Aliens (any and all kinds of artificial beings from biomechanical to cyborgs to full machine, plus any kind of alien you have)
  • Supernova Hot (our erotica selection - the hotter it is the better!)

Each week will have a 'Menu' posted on the Brigade blog and the SFR Station with each participant for that week listed as a Starter, Main Course or Dessert (we'd like to feature shorts/novellas for the starter, novellas/novels as mains, and sweeter romances for dessert, but that's just a suggestion).
You'll be required to have a post up in good time for the start of that week (every Monday). We'd love for you to include a recipe to tie in with your book/story/post etc (a food, a drink, or even on the theme of a recipe for love or for disaster etc) but it isn't required. You don't have to have a giveaway on your own post either but we do ask you to contribute to the weekly prize basket which will be on the same theme as that week's menu (ebooks and Kindle only gift cards (or B&N and ARe GCs) are prefered for international entries, but if you want to give away physical swag we will ask you to be responsible for sending it to the winner). Winners for each week will be chosen and posted over the weekend.
You will also need to include links to the other blogs (or back to the Brigade blog post), the rafflecopter for the weekly prize, the Cafe button or banner (to come), and your post. You can ask visitors to do whatever you like to qualify for a prize on your own blog, but please be reasonable. You may ask visitors to sign up to your newsletter or follow your blog or an option of your choice in return for a donation to the main prize basket (it will be made part of the rafflecopter).
There will be separate inlinkz for each theme, but the initial sign up will be via Google doc so that the details for your book, giveaway etc can be included. Any theme receiving less than three entries will be removed from the options. We've tried to make the themes as open as possible, and so that if you don't get into your top category (we have a limit on entry numbers) then hopefully you can fit into one of the others.
PLEASE NOTE: This event is for members of the SFR Brigade ONLY! Please don't share the sign up outside of the Brigade. Also, you may only sign up for ONE post during the event unless we are short of numbers for a specific category, at which point we will open it up to further entries.
Any questions, please ask in the comments, PM me via Facebook as Pippa Jay (I do check my Other message folder regularly) or use the email sfrbrigadebloghop at gmail dot com
The sign up doc is here>>

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