Monday, January 12, 2015

Diaspora Worlds Miniseries is Now Complete!

$1.99 This Week

Frankly, I wasn't sure it would happen. Why did I plan four sons of the Protectorate? I could have just done three!

Book One, Her Cyborg Awakes was written while a short story that would become Book Two, Alien Blood, languished with a dying publisher in an anthology.(Melisse' publishing history includes many dying publishers). 

After Book One came out I had much publisher trauma and the book sat on my computer while I tried to figure out what to do. Piers Anthony replied to an email I'd made concerning a publisher explosion and said to move with caution. It was a fan girl moment with an edge. This was 2010 or so.

So I finished book two, thinking I could get it to a publisher and then more easily slip poor little Cyborg into the series. I found a publisher who sounded reasonable and professional and submitted the series.

Many months later, while still waiting on an acceptance, an online artist had a cover I could afford and I decided to self-publish Cyborg. KDP was the new hot thing! Since it was still awaiting consideration I simply withdrew the submission. Alien Blood was basically finished, it was easy to get it out a few months later.

Publishing close together like that was a great idea; I will probably never manage it again! But it made for a nice income that year, a new and different publishing experience.

Life happened, not the fun kind, but I managed to get Starwoman's Sanctuary finished and out, with the intent of getting book four out within six months. 

But life kept happening, which required changes. I went back to work full time at a well-paid but demanding job. The lower paid, less demanding, part-time job meshed well with writing in the evenings, this new job required a lot more brain power, not to mention it was all computer and keyboard. Not writer friendly.

Publishing kept changing, too. Sometimes I thought I might be better off writing Harry Potter fanfic. And my hero was a boring jerk. Book Four, then titled Neon Orchid, was not coming together.

I didn't soldier through. My energy for heroic writing was all used up. Instead, I wrote a bunch of short stories, which I'll start publishing. I read books on screenwriting. I did a ton of world-building on a new series. I read maybe seven--maybe more-- children and YA book series. I crocheted many hats.

Then one day the story started to work. Once it started, the book moved quickly. Finally, it is done, not without hiccups, not without brain dead moments, not without doubts. Done!

Am thinking of sticking with trilogies in the future.

Melisse Aires

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  1. Mega congrats, Melisse! Publishing is always such an adventure!


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