Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Do You Recognize This Book? Plz RT

Kat Zara asked:

"This is so off-topic but i'm desperate. Anyway, I was going through R. Lee Smith's blog and I stumbled upon her describing a book she read years ago: "I read a book once in which the alien hero kept his reproductive apparatus in the palms of his hands. As a priest sworn to celibacy, he went gloved throughout the story, but it was obvious he was falling in love with the human heroine. At the end of the book, as she stood on the landing dock with her ship behind her, ready to fly away forever, she looked him in the eye and held out her hand. He took his glove off and shook it. It was sex; he knew it; she knew it; no one else knew it, but it wasn’t anyone else’s business." Unfortunately, she doesn't remember the book. I apologize for this but I really want to know and since you have an extensive list of sci-fi authors and books, I thought you guys could help. Thanks in advance."

Do you recognize this description? Know this book? Are you the author? Perhaps you belong to a book club or group or website where you might be able to pass on this question and find out? Please let us know!

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  1. And we have an answer! Francine Mezo's trilogy. Fall of Worlds, Unless She Burn and No Earthly Shore.


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