Thursday, February 21, 2013

CLASS: Witches, Faeries & Wizards: Divining the Supernatural World

CLASS: Witches, Faeries & Wizards: Divining the Supernatural World online class begins March 1. 

The black arts have divined their way into our hearts and our love for lore has been listening to us tell their tales of foe and woe. The supernatural world surrounds us — on all continents, in all aspects of our mundane lives — yet we know little of how or why.
In this class, we will not only study the origins of the supernatural, especially those areas common to paranormal and fantasy literature, but also study how they affect us and therefore affect your readers as we divine the supernatural world.
Dates: March 1 –31, 2013
Registration Deadline: Feb 26, 2013

Late registration OK, tell them Alley sent ya :)
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