Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Looking for Active Member Blogs

Hi Brigaders!

It's time to update our "Bases of Operation" blog roll.  If you're a Brigade member with an active blog (new posts at least once a week) please email me at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com) with your blog address and we'll get your blog added, along with a thumbnail, a snippet from the most recent post, and a time stamp. (With one disclaimer that Blogger won't allow all sites to be added--but it will accept most.) 

The blog roll automatically orders the list placing the most recent posts first so the more often you post, the more often you hit the top of the list. Yes, it's a nifty little tool that we're under-utilizing.

If you want to see the layout, you can find our current "Bases of Operation" blog roll on the right sidebar >>> scroll down.

Which brings us to the next question... 

We'd like your input!

We're looking at a new layout that would show only one or two of the most current posts on the main page, and the blog roll would be moved to the bottom of the post section so it's wider and easier to see.  (Older posts would still be available via the older posts link or the 'Search This Blog' function. This might help our members find posts they're interested in reading as well as improve traffic to our members' sites. 

Please tell us your thoughts.


  1. I assume you only want new bloggers for the roll.

    I'd like to see the other format you're suggesting, but it sounds like a good idea. For one thing, it will help casual drop bys find blog they might like to follow.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Marva.

    Old or new members' blogs are fine, but I think your blog is one we already have included, right?

  3. Five new blogs have been added.

    Anyone else?

  4. Still adding blogs, and meanwhile, let's try the suggested format out and see how everyone likes it.

    Only the four most recent posts will be displayed on the first page, followed by the "SFR Bases of Operation" Blog Roll.


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