Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Google+ for SF/F authors?

Are you thinking about expanding your social media toolkit to include Google+? If you're like me, this was a tough call. I have enough writing distractions in my life, thank you very much. But a single post on the SFWA blog changed my mind. Drop by Spacefreighters Lounge today if you're interested in joining the discussion about Google+ for authors.

Adventures in Social Media: 
Is Google+ a boon for new SF/F authors?


  1. I'm on Google+ on Sharon's recommendation. Love it!

    Looking or other Brigaders to add to my circles. You can find me under "Laurie A. Green"

  2. Many thanks for the blog! I have decided to do more with it, including linking to my website. Um, later. LOL!

    I'm there as Pauline B Jones.

  3. I added you to my circles, Pauline. :)

    I just sent out a group invite to many Brigaders (that ones I have emails for). Come join us on G+!

    Also, consider creating a "SFR Brigade" circle to add other Brigaders.

    I already have 18 Brigade members in my SFR Brigade Circle.

  4. Just realized I can "share" my SFR Brigade circle with others, so if you're new to G+ let me know.


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