Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Story Anthology Just Released

The newer, larger, improved edition of my 13-story Mixed Bag (only 99 cents) titled Mixed Bag II: Supersized with 25 stories is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon Kindle.

Here's what you get in the supersized edition. There is something for everyone here. While some of the stories are for an adult audience, there is no erotica. Unless ant attacks are your thing or if Big Foot drives you wild with desire.

Fish Story - Science Fiction
The Vision - Horror/Fantasy
Chilpequin 22 Miles - Fantasy
Coward - Horror
Heather's Pain - LitFic
The Delegate - SciFi
No Deposit, No Return - LitFic
Taxman - Humor
The Country Faire - Horror
Fair's Fair - Fantasy
If You Could See Her - Romance
Ma 'Yote and Her Cubs - Nostalgia LitFic
Invasion - Horror
The Cursed Valley - Fantasy
Shasta Lake - LitFic
Big Bessie's Place - LitFic
The Hunter - Horror
The Great Writing Competition - SciFi
A Good, Honest Dog - Non-fic
A Visit to Potter's Field - Fantasy
Extraordinary Rendition - LitFic
Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo - Alterate History
Lemons - Children
Neighborly - LitFic
A Grab Bag of Drabbles

I'd appreciate tagging on Amazon if you have a chance. Comment here and I'll give you a coupon at Smashwords for a FREE copy:

fantasy, science fiction, short stories, horror, humor, literary realism, science fiction romance, humorous fantasy, fish, androids, aliens, colonization, bigfoot, coyotes, artificial insemination


  1. Marva, for some reason when I try tagging this book it doesn't bring up the option to tag at all. I'll keep trying, though.

  2. Tagged it for ya (and I must say, I never thought I'd tag the same book with coyotes and artificial insemination :P). Good luck!

  3. Anna: Thanks for trying. I have seen places when the tags don't show up.

    Seems like Lindsay found the place. Thanks Lindsay.

    I pre-tagged to make it easier to find.

    One possibility is that you have to be signed into your Amazon account (given you have one) to find the tag area.

  4. Hi :D I'm looking for another author to feature on my May's featured author on my blog. I will post the links to the newest release and up to two more of your works (like Mixed Bag I for instance) if interested email me at the address on my blog :D

    I've been a lurker for a while and this seemed fortuitous :)

  5. Hi. I've tagged your book. I do reviews on my blog, so a code would be great for a copy to add to my pile to read. I am also happy to host author interviews on my blog.

  6. The ability to tag was there today for me! I tagged it.

    It's strange because I did nothing different than I did yesterday. Weird.

    But the deed's done! I see you got a nice review already too.

  7. Thanks to Anna (yay!), Leona, and Jaleta.

    The book is definitely a mixed bag of genres. I hope you find a story or two to like.


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