Saturday, April 9, 2011

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance and more

MIXED BAG is a collection of 13 previously published stories covering just about every genre.

It's my way of introducing my writing to the world. The stories were all published in on-line or print 'zines over the last three or so years. Many aren't available in their original point of sale, so I thought it would be nice to put them together in this small, yet meaty anthology. Here's the TOC:

Fish Story - Science Fiction

The Vision - Paranormal/Horror
Chilpequin 22 Miles – Fantasy/Humor
Heather’s Pain - Suspense
The Delegate - Science Fiction
The Country Faire - Literary Horror
If You Could See Her - Romance
Cursed Valley - Fantasy
Big Bessie's Place - Humor
The Hunter - Horror
A Visit to Potter's Field - Fantasy/Humor
Extraordinary Rendition - Literary Realism
Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo - Alternate History
A Grab Bag of Drabbles – Humor
As you can see, there's something for everyone. The book is available for 99 cents in ebook format at:

Barnes and Noble
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Special to SFR Brigaders. Use coupon PT94H for a free copy.

Reviews are highly welcome at all three sites. Note that a print edition is available for Luddites, but I don't suspect to find many here.


  1. What an intriguing idea, Marva. I grabbed my copy from Amazon. :)

  2. Thanks, all.

    Remember to tag at Amazon even if you get the freebie through Smashwords.

    I know short stories are hard to review, but a line or two saying you liked them or any specific story you enjoyed most.

    Here I am begging. I return favors, so just ask if you'd like to be my blog guest. mgdasef (at) gmail (dot) com


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