Tuesday, May 1, 2018

SFR Authors Supporting ALS Research

Happy May Day!

This month, a group of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance authors have banded together to support the ALSA and ALS research by forming the Blue Book Cover Brigade.

Between May 1-31, they will donate a minimum of 25% of the sales of listed blue cover books to the organization in connection with the 2018 Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk to support the research in finding a cure for this devastating disease.


- Go to the Blue Book Cover Brigade website and buy the books that appeal to you.

- Make a personal donation by credit card, either on our ALSA Team Page, or directly to any of our authors' pages (see Team Member links listed on the right sidebar of the ALSA Team Page).

- Make a donation by check. Scroll down to the bottom of the introduction on any team member's page and find the link to download a form to enclose with payment.

- Share this with your friends, on Facebook and Twitter!

Why are these authors getting involved?

They each have special reasons for wanting to help this very worthy cause, but this video explains why Team Member Laurie A. Green wanted to get involved with the Blue Book Cover Brigade project.

Thank you for helping us help the ALSA!
And #ThinkBlue4ALS!


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