Thursday, June 22, 2017

SFRB Recommends 73: Atrophy by Jess Anastasi

Twelve years on the prison planet Erebus makes a man long for death. The worst part for Tannin Everette is that he was framed for murder. He's innocent. When the ship Imojenna lands for emergency repairs, Tannin risks everything to escape...only to find himself face to face with the captain's undeniably gorgeous sister.

Zahli Sherron isn't planning on turning Tannin in. In fact, she actually believes him. Sure, he's sexy as every kind of sin, but he's no criminal—so she hides him. But no one escapes from Erebus and lives to tell about it. With every day that passes, Zahli further risks the lives of the entire crew...even as she falls in love with a man she can never have for herself.

Atrophy focuses on one ship, the Imojenna, which has an amazing crew with memorable characters. Zahli's brother Rian has a tendency to steal the show, and he involves Tannin in his berserk quest to destroy an enemy most people don't believe exists. I've a soft spot for computer hacker heroes, and Tannin gets to use his skills in many interesting ways.

The universe is rich and believable, and the antagonists are original and creepy. The plot kept me guessing, and the scenes are well-balanced and flow together smoothly. 

Author site: Jess Anastasi

This recommendation by Lee Koven.

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