Thursday, September 1, 2016

SFRB Recommends 59: Prince of Dragons and the Orion Series by Cathryn Cade #sfrom

Sirena Blaze has left a string of smiling males across the galaxy-but she's not smiling now. After two attempts to sabotage her ship, it's time to call for backup. Her warriors deserve the best, and that means recruiting a member of the elite Serpentian guard as co-commander. 

One look at Slyde Stone, and Sirena's smile returns. She sets out to indulge in the sensual delights for which his people are legendary. Slyde would like nothing more than to bed the famous beauty, but a secret binds the hands that burn to take her. He is a half-dragon shifter, a race thought to be nothing more than a myth. He's real, and so is the code he must live by-he can mate only once.

Sirena's fury at Slyde's refusal knows no bounds-until saboteurs loose a pair of deadly serpents on board the Orion. And the infuriating man has the gall to make a wager. If she finds them first, she can have him. But if he wins, she must agree to be his alone-for life.

Warning: Space cougar on the prowl, a handsome virgin in her sights. Hot love scenes, and even hotter dragon shape-shifting.

I have all four covers up of the Orion series because Prince of Dragons is probably best appreciated if you read the other books in the series. However, Prince of Dragons is by far my favorite because the couple start on equal terms, at least in their minds, and their tangling has some excellent kibbutzing. Sirena is a confident, independent heroine, and Slyde respects her for that.
Cade invents some interesting alien races, especially the Serpentians- humanoids with some snakey features. Fans of Star Trek Vulcans may also appreciate the Indigon, a highly logical psychic race. The books are erotic romances and are also related to the Lodestar series.

Recommendation by Lee Koven.

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