Thursday, November 5, 2015

SFRB Recommends 45: Overload Flux by Carol Van Natta #scifi #sfrom #romance #ebook

The Central Galactic Concordance has been stable for two centuries, but trouble is brewing. As a pandemic sweeps across hundreds of civilized planets, someone is stealing the vaccine...

Brilliant investigator Luka Foxe's hidden mental talent is out of control, making him barely able to function in the aftermath of violence and a rising body count. The convoluted trail leads to a corrupt pharma industry and the possibility of an illegal, planet-sized laboratory. In the face of increasing threats, he must rely on an enigmatic, lethal woman he just met, but she has secrets of her own.

Mairwen Morganthur hides extraordinary skills under the guise of a dull night-shift guard. The last thing she wants is to provide personal security for a hot-shot investigator, or to be plunged into a murky case involving sabotage, treachery, and the military covert operations division that would love to discover she's still alive.

Two more deaths won't bother their enemies one bit. Their only hope for survival is revealing their dark secrets and learning to trust one another.

What do you do when your talent, the one that lets you excel at your job, is killing you? That's a fascinating question at the heart of the story, one I keep pondering in relation to workaholic environments, financial struggles, and burnout. In Van Natta's future, humanity's mental talents get them into new kinds of trouble that highlight questions we confront in our present.

Mairwen and Luka are fully-fleshed out characters, adults who learn to rely on each other without becoming codependent. Watching them connect and forge a relationship was a fulfilling treat. There's a bit of mystery to intrigue the reader, too!

Author site: Carol Van Natta - SF Author and Playwright

Recommendation by Lee Koven.

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  1. Thanks for recommending my book. I'm rather fond of it, too.
    --Carol Van Natta, Author


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