Monday, May 4, 2015

Donna Maree Hanson On Her Adventures in Sci-Fi Romance

I'm here with a signal boost for author Donna Maree Hanson's post on sci-fi romance (via Amanda Bridgeman):

Here's a snippet:
Around 2003, I came upon a recommendation to read The Quantum Rose by Catherine Assaro, which was an excellent book with a balance of SF and romance in it. The Quantum Rose won a Nebula, which among my male SF reading friends was quite an astounding feat. For a while there SF romance was a thing. I remember Tor sent out a call for SF romances among its first ever e-submissions. (they don’t do e-subs now though, I believe)

I can understand why. It has science fiction and it has romance. For me both are captivating but together they are quite strong, because they combine two of the things I love. It’s been many years since that time and I am writing romance now and learning about the intricacies of that genre too. Now, I find that SF romance is still a bit of a thing and I’m loving it.
Check out Ms. Hanson's post, which includes some book recs by Aussie authors!

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