Friday, February 6, 2015

February SFR Brigade Showcase


The SFR Brigade Showcase is the chance for our Science Fiction Romance authors to showcase excerpts from their latest releases, snippets from a work-in-progress, a new cover for their book or just have fun with something silly, like a character interview!

We'll have a new showcase the first weekend of each month, and we encourage all our members to participate by posting, commenting and sharing. Some months, we'll even be doing a giveaway!

CURRENT SHOWCASE: February 6,7,8

1. Anna Hackett  6. Veronica Scott  11. Ed Hoornaert  
2. K.M. Fawcett  7. Jenna Bennett  12. Rachel Leigh Smith  
3. S. A. Hoag  8. Michelle Howard  13. ML Skye  
4. Pippa Jay  9. Shona Husk  14. Greta van der Rol  
5. Aurora Springer  10. C.E. Kilgore  15. Kate Corcino  

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