Friday, November 7, 2014

November SFR Brigade Showcase!

The SFR Brigade Showcase is the chance for our Science Fiction Romance authors to showcase excerpts from their latest releases, snippets from a work-in-progress, a new cover for their book or just have fun with something silly, like a character interview!

We'll have a new showcase the first weekend of each month, and we encourage all our members to participate by posting, commenting and sharing. Some months, we'll even be doing a giveaway!

CURRENT SHOWCASE: November 7th, 8th, & 9th

1. KG Stutts  8. C.E. Kilgore  
2. Pippa Jay  9. Cassy Campbell  
3. Pauline Baird Jones  10. ML Skye  
4. Aurora Springer  11. Shona Husk  
5. E J Frost  12. Sue Ann Bowling  
6. Eva Caye  13. Misa Buckley  
7. Rachel Leigh Smith  

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