Thursday, October 23, 2014

SFRB Recommends 26: The Curse of the Brimstone Contract #scifi #steampunk #romance

This week's recommendation is brought to you by Sabine Priestley.

Book Description

Magic existed at the fringes until Prince Albert discovered he was a mage. Now he and others like him are leading a revolution in steam technology that’s held tight in the grip of the upper classes.

A man of half-Indian heritage, rejected by his upper-crust, mage-gifted family, Gregor Sherringford lives in working-class London, investigating cases involving magic among the lower classes. But he’s never met a client quite like spirited, stubborn Joan Krieger.

Joan’s dream was to lead a fashion revolution designing women’s clothing suited to the new technology. But when her richest client mysteriously dies outside her shop, it deals a mortal blow to her dreams.

She hopes the handsome, enigmatic detective can prove the death a magical murder. She never expected a dark plot would be woven right into the fabric of her family. Or that cracking the case will mean merging gifts, minds—and hearts—with the one man who could be her partner in every way. If they survive the release of a soul-binding curse.

Warning: This novel contains an intelligent, repressed detective and a woman who won’t take no for an answer, not when she hires him…and not when she falls in love with him.


This was a seriously enjoyable read. I prefer my heat level to sizzle, and this is sweet, but I loved it anyway. The writing is pretty tight, with minimal errors. The physicality was messed up a few times (for example someone sat when they’d already sat). I love the way Corrina writes, she has a strong voice that really works for me. I highly suggest this book!

Author site: Corrina Lawson: Writer, Mom, Geek & Superhero

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