Thursday, March 27, 2014

SFRB Recommends #12: Terms and Conditions Apply #scifi #sfromance #sfr

Terms and Conditions Apply - by Pippa Jay

Venus Ascendant, a Public Grade space station in the Andromedan Galaxy designed to meet your every desire, be they sunlit beaches or dark BDSM dungeons. Innocent Marie finds herself dumped and alone on Venus Ascendant with no credit for a transmat and the next starship home not due for another hour. But the all-seeing AI isn’t going to leave anyone aboard the space station with their dreams unfulfilled. Marie's boyfriend might not have made it to the station, but there are others willing and able to take on the role - even if they aren’t entirely human.

An entertaining read all around. Marie’s transformation was realistic and the story has some interesting twists. I love the way it played out with the leading man. As an added bonus, I didn’t see the ending coming. Love it when that happens.

Available from Smashwords.

This week's recommendation comes from Sabine Priestley.

Author site: Pippa Jay - Sci-fi and the Supernatural with a Romantic Soul

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