Thursday, January 30, 2014

SFRB Recommends #9: Eroma by Piers Anthony #scifi #romance #scifirom

Eroma - Piers Anthony

From the book description:
In the futuristic multi-player Virtual Reality game of erotic romance (EROtic ROMAnce), sight, sound, and touch all work, and sexual climaxes are immediate and mutual. The audience of millions watches in 3D-TV every interaction, down to the most intimate and sometimes transparent detail. As players conquer difficult sexual tests, they are challenged to see what they are willing to do in order to win.

Not for the sexually faint of heart.
Piers, in his inimitable style, writes a vivid book that, in this case in particular, leaves very little to the imagination. Or rather, it sucks the reader right in to the world he creates until they live, breathe and feel just about all the characters do. Focussing on the sexual interactions of the main characters and the VR game challenges they face, the romance comes to the fore. However, it (the romance, that is) would not exist without the underlying technology that makes a multi-player realistic VR game possible.

This book is recommended for adults only, and you gotta like reading sex. And LOTS of it.

Author site: Piers Anthony Official Website

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