Thursday, October 24, 2013

SFRB recommends #2: Writing Fight Scenes by Rayne Hall #amwriting #writetip

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Aside from some basic self defence classes as a teenager, I've never learned how to fight. So when it came to writing fight scenes for my characters, I struggled. How would a smaller opponent beat a bigger one? What parts of the body are more vulnerable to attack? How could you fight back if taken by surprise and pinioned?

This book answered these questions and more. At first, I didn't feel it was telling me anything more than I knew, but as it progressed, the more informative I found it. There were some really great tips and suggestions, as well as some good, sound basics to work from - who would theoretically have the advantage between different pairings, how to introduce certain elements to the fight, and a comprehensive list of weaponry and armoury to save you hunting all over the internet, for example. There were also several helpful video links included to give you some visuals, but even without those you can learn a lot about fighting posture and combat moves. A handy little book to help you get started or hone your writing of fight scenes.

Author site: Writer's Craft - Dark Fantasy Fiction

Recommendation from Pippa Jay, author of Keir, Gethyon, Terms & Conditions Apply and The Bones of the Sea.

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