Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stuart Sharp Questions The Competence of SFR Authors at The Story Hub

Stuart Sharp wrote a post at The Story Hub wherein he questions the scope of competence of authors of SFR.

His post his here:

SFR fan C.E. Kilgore challenged him eloquently here:

Genre Wars - Why is SFR the outcast?

I felt compelled to challenge his post at The Galaxy Express as well:

Out With The Old (Boys Club) And In With The New (Generation Of Progressive Genre Fans)

If you have time and could help spread the word about this post and/or the responses and help me make lemonade out of lemons, I'd really appreciate it. Mr. Sharp gave us an opportunity to spread the word about how wonderful SFR is!

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  1. I think it's funny that part of his argument is SFR writers won't stick to the genre defined specifics, that apparently any good sci-fi writer knows.


    That's ridiculous. If everyone wrote every fiction book based on the same 'facts' we'd all be reading the same thing over and over.

    Look at PNR. How many different takes on vampires and shifters are there?

    If I want my aliens to be hot/hunky/humanoid, what's wrong with that?
    That's when a creative writer is able to set up a back-story as to WHY we're so similar. (I have a terrible imagination and I can come up with 5 easy ways right now)

    Maybe that's the 'old skools' problem. Lack of breaking free of the mold.

    Be Brave Mr. Sharp! Push the boundaries!
    People might just like reading something different ;)


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