Saturday, March 30, 2013

Next class: Worldbuilding Wizardry

Worldbuilding Wizardry

Add depth and reality to paranormal & fantasy stories

April 29 – May 24

One of the most appealing things about fantasy and paranormal is that it usually takes place in a fantastic and imaginative world. The mention of names like Middle Earth, Midkemia, Westeros, or Narnia brings up vivid images in a reader’s mind. But building a rich and vivid world takes a level of visual creativity that can be daunting to a writer.
How do you get your reader to feel the stones of your New World? How do you get him or her to feel the landscape and the world as if it were a real thing? How do you show your reader the world when all you have is words to explain it with? How do you show that your contemporary world is different?
The goal of worldbuilding is to create the context for a story. Consistency is an important element, since the world provides a foundation for the action of a story.
In this class, we’ll unveil the worldbuilding secrets of famous authors and learn techniques to build our own worlds to their creative best.
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