Monday, February 4, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents 2/8/2013

The sign up for the SFR Brigade Presents event is now open! Please enter your name (or your blog name, but not both please), your URL to your blog (or better still, direct to your post) and your email so that I can contact you if there's a problem. If you make a mistake or decide not to take part later, you can delete your own link. This list will close as soon as we have 20 participants, and/or at the end of Friday 8th February. Posts need to be live from then onwards. If you need to see an example of what you should be posting, go here - The SFR Brigade Presents Example. The guidelines are -

1. A paragraph from a WIP, or a current or forthcoming novel (maximum 200 words). You do not need to be published to take part!

2. Have your post live from the end of Friday 1st Febraury and with SFR Brigade Presents in your title or post somewhere to help identify it.

3.  Help promote the event as a whole (you can use the hashtag #sfrbp) and try to visit and comment on the other participants posts. Note - this is not intended as a critique group unless the participant actively asks for and encourages critical feedback.

4. Keep it simple. Keep it fun.

Any questions, just shout!

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