Monday, April 9, 2012

Alien Love Song

"Boy, you're an alien,

Your touch so foreign,

It's supernatural, Extraterrestrial."

-Katy Perry, E.T.

I love that song. Why? Because I'm a sci-fi writer that's why; and what could be better than a sci-fi writer but a sci-fi romance writer? Okay I admit it, my previous work could be considered scant in the romance department, but I've since changed my ways. I've let my inner alien sex fiend persona out—well not completely, I still pretty much write sweet level romance but still there's that temptation when some good looking alien dude speeds by on his wing fighter. Why? What can it be that drives or draws us to someone or something not quite human?

"You're not like the others,

Futuristic lover,

Different DNA"

Once again Katy nails it. That "Different DNA" is where the attraction lies. It's exciting, it's thrilling, it's downright dangerous. Just as with the vampire/werewolf/daemon/shapshifter/zombie romantic obsession is based upon the forbidden and taboo, so too is the alien love connection. They may not give you roses on Valentine's Day but hey if you're dating an alien, you're not in it for the flowers. You're in it because you're bored with your earthly boyfriend and looking for something…different and an alien lover is about as different as you can get. They're sexy in a slightly kinky sort of way, odd but fun. And they drive a kickass muscle car! It can go from zero to light speed in less than a nanosecond, do space calisthenics, and still give you a luxury ride or a shaky thrill seeker kind of jaunt. Either way it's a trip.

Not only that, but when you're talking alien, there's that DNA thing again and whatever corresponding behavior that goes along with it. You don't know what he's going to do to you or how he's going to do it.

Decades ago, I read a wonderful book entitled The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes by John Boyd and it had a wonderfully different concept of love and sex. The beautiful alien woman castrated men for reproduction, but the human man she loved and who adored her received a different type of intercourse: she shared her mind, the most intimate communion she could give him, more important than sex and much more romantic as well. You got the idea of love, real love, deep and soul changing. It was an amazing moment when he realized that. After all these years I still remember that scene vividly.

Your alien lover, at least on paper at this point, can be evil, good, or just unfathomable in their dissimilarity to you, your heroine, and the reader. As long as he's sexy, well, I guess that's universal--literally.


  1. I love this! I'm a sci fi writer myself,though yet unpublished, and in one book series I've been working on, there's a romance between a human and alien. I wrote it because I always knew I'd date one if I ever got the chance.

    Knowing this, though, my husband jokes about the dangers of first contact.

  2. L.G.,
    Thanks so much! One danger of first contact, in my twisted mind, would be the possibility of STDs: Space Transmitted Diseases, lol!

  3. GREAT post PI!

    I still haven't taken the leap on writing SF with the inclusion of aliens. I want to...but I have to sift through all my genetic engineering and manipulation ideas first.

    Plus, i must mull and stress over the concept I want. (Dog+Bone=AR)

  4. A.R. I've been in love with aliens and Elves for most of my life, LOL! Thanks for your response! I do appreciate it!

  5. Love your post, P. And I haven't heard that Katy Perry song yet. Going to have to check it out.

    Though I haven't written any aliens in my SFRs so far (I tend to go with human variation via subspecies or genetically fixed strains) I may in the future.

  6. Laurie, ET by Katy came out last year or the end of 2010--wasn't as major a hit as all her others but I like it best. Thanks so much for reading the post, it is appreciated very much!

  7. I grab alien/sf songs when I find them. LOL!

  8. Oooh, The Girl With The Jade Green Eyes sounds awesome. I just placed it on a hold at my local library. Thanks for the rec!

  9. Pauline, I know I love 'em too. There's even a guilty pleasure song covered by the Carpenters: "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" which is just insane. Hey, it was the 70's...

  10. Heather, I haven't read the book in years but I really loved it. Alien love stories, what can I say?

  11. Thanks everyone who commented, I really appreciate it and am grateful you read my post!

  12. LOL! I have that song! Oh my gosh, I was THERE in the 70's. LOL!

    Okay, there's Rocket by Goldfrapp
    Venus by Shocking Blue
    I am not a Robot by Marina and the Diamonds
    Rocket Man
    spaceman by the killers

    okay, will stop now!

  13. And then Pauline, it's not really an alien song, but I adore Pat Benetar's version of My Clone Sleeps Alone!

  14. Oh, Pauline, how could I forget: the I Robot album by The Alan Parsons Project!

  15. LOLOL! Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated into writing a space song at some time! (grin)

  16. I truly love the concept of aliens with different DNA. I have several stories with lovers who are not the same! It's just so intriguing to explore isn't it?

    Great post -- thanks P.I.

  17. It really is an intriguing and sexy too! I told, I've just let my alien sex freak out of the docking bay...wait that sounds a little


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