Thursday, January 12, 2012

The SFR Pitch Tournament Results

Top Three Finishers in The Great 2012 SFR Pitch Tournament

TETHERED by Pippa Jay


Top Preliminary Heat by Votes -- Team #1 - 171 Total Votes!
Liana Brooks
Carmen Webster Buxton
JC Cassels
Sharon Lynn Fisher
Pippa Jay
Kaye Manro
Jenna McCormick
Sarah Shade


Winner of the Amazon e-Gift Certificate (Commenter)

Sarah J. McNeal

(Thanks to everyone for your wonderful feedback!)


A great big thank-you to everyone--voters and participants--who made The Great 2012 SFR Pitch Tournament a huge success! 

We received 453 votes with 87 comments during the initial heats, and in the final round, 242 votes with 22 comments, many with valuable information for our authors. This ensured everyone in the Tournament came away a winner!

On behalf of the SFR Brigade, I'd like to extend our sincere appreciation for the enthusiastic support shown by SFR fans and readers for this event.


  1. Way to go, Pippa!

    Thank you to everyone who commented and voted. :o)

  2. Thanks Liana!

    A huge thank you to Laurie for organizing and running this event, to all the Brigade members who took part and to those who stopped by, voted and commented. The feedback has been incredibly helpful and much appreciated.

  3. A big congrats to Pippa Jay for taking the top spot! I can't wait to read Tethered!

    Congrats too to Sarah who won the e-gift card!

    A giant thanks to Laurie for putting it all together and keeping it on track.

    The feedback from the comments was valuable. Thanks to all who stopped by, voted and left comments.

  4. Congratulations!!! This was a great event and most helpful! And congrats to the gift card winner, too! Many thanks to all the readers who stopped by to comment and offer feedback!

  5. What a fun end to a great event! Thank you Laurie for putting it together.

  6. Loved reading all the pitches!

    Thanks to Laurie for organizing and congrats to the winners and all other entrants.

  7. Congratulations to Pippa and Kaye - there were several books pitched that I really want to read.

  8. Congratulations to the three finishers and to the winner of the Amazon card! I know I saw lots of intriguing blurbs and look forward to a great year of SFR reading.

  9. Thanks Kaye! I love the medieval period so I'll be checking your books out too.
    Thanks Misa! You need to hurry up and finish TIN CAT so I can read the rest.
    And now I've got a good selection of titles to add to my list for the SFR Reading challenge this year. :)


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