Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An SF Signal Mind Meld With Relevancy For Sci-Fi Romance

SF Signal's Mind Meld today focuses on the topic of "Keeping SF Relevant In A Technological Society." I had the honor of being invited and naturally, the romance angle was a key part of my answer:

Relationships involve intimacy. Trust. And, of course, lust! The human connection factor is one way to give readers reasons to care about the science, the settings, and the themes in science fiction. Maintain a steady supply of compelling characters, gripping lots, and nail-biting conflict in order to stay relevant.

Or even better, people want to know how science can help them attract the love of their life. Computer technology has already given us loads of new tools for starting, navigating, and managing not just our relationships but also our romances. And this is just the beginning! Science fiction can stay relevant by incorporating the relationship and romance angle on an ongoing basis. Like, forever.

Please visit and share your insights as well. Lots of great ideas were presented, many of which might inspire your next story!


  1. I posted a comment, but am probably going to be flamed for it!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Pauline. I don't think you'll get flamed. Folks there are fairly polite. But if you do, they'll have to answer to me, muwahahahaha!

  3. maybe its just the proximity of the fourth. there are dust bunnies in blog comments everywhere! (Well, THE seems to be getting some!)


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