Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Posting Guidelines

Please note that Kyndra Hatch is the SFR Brigade Blog Manager. All guest posts and dates should be scheduled through her. If you would like to have access as a regular blog author (which is encouraged), please request an invitation from Kyndra.


Guest posts should be a maximum of 500-700 words not counting author info. This is a suggestion. If you need more word count to cover your topic and your guest post is concise, it probably will not be an issue.

The author can also include cover, blurb and up to five links for contributor's latest or blog-related work, plus their bio and social media links (these are in addition to the guest post and not part of the word count limit). Maximum ten links. Can include links to an except.

Managers reserve the right to edit your blog as needed for space or to keep your blog within guidelines.
Mandatory Disclaimer

All guest posts must include a disclaimer stating: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the Science Fiction Romance Brigade.

For blogging ideas, you can refer to this document: Guest Post Topics

The blog also has two other blog series opportunities:

Meet the Author Mondays -- coordinated by Laurie Green
SFRB Recommends -- coordinated by Eileen Koven

For the above series and other promotional opportunities within the SFR Brigade blog, SFR Brigade FanPage, and othe resources, please read this document: Attention New Members

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