Twitter Squadron

SFR Brigaders on Twitter (The Twitter Squadron)

Note: The SFR Brigade has a "hashtag."  Add @sfrbrigade or #sfrb to the end of your tweets.  This will allow other Brigaders to search for recent tweets by Brigaders by entering #sfrb into the search window.

Other tags used: #sfrom #sfrbrigade #spaceopera #steampunk #lovesbooks #mywana #scifi #sciencefiction #timetravel #amwriting #romance

The following is a list of the SFR Brigade Twitter Squadron members. If you'd like to be added, drop me an email at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com (in the usual email format) and put TWITTER SQUADRON in the subject line.

sara_brookes -- Sara  Brookes
Twitter Squadron Wing Commander

Arlene_Webb_ -- Arlene Web

brimfire -- Sandy Williams

CarolRWood -- Carol R. Wood --

Dlaree69 -- D. L. Jackson

GiniKoch -- Gini Koch

GoblinWriter -- Lindsay Buroker

Gurina -- Marva Dasef

Heidi Ruby Miller --!/search/HeidiRubyMiller

J. A. Kenny - *NEW*

Jaleta_Clegg -- Jaleta Clegg!/Jaleta_Clegg

j_c_hay -- J. C. Hay

JenniferLeeland -- Jennifer Leeland

Jessgranger -- Jess Granger

Joanneelder -- Joanne Elder

jodiredford -- Jodi Redford

jsubject - Jessica Subject

lesliedow--Leslie Dow

Laurel Wanrow

LianaBrooks -- Liana Brooks

LinRosser -- L. L. Rosser

Lori_Ella -- Ella Drake

MarcellaBurnard -- Marcella Burnard

meghan78 -- Meghan Schuessler

MisaBuckley -- Misa Buckley

mothindarkness -- Frances Pauli

Paulinejones -- Pauline Baird Jones

pippajaygreen -- Pippa Jay   *NEW!*

RaeLori -- Rae Lori

SFRLaurie -- Laurie Green

sharonfisher-- Sharon Lynn Fisher

SNantus -- Sheryl Nantus

TezMillerOz -- Tez Miller

ThGalaxyExpress -- Heather Massey

TKToppin - T. K. Toppin

Writerman1 -- John B. Rosenman

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