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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brigade member Kylie Griffin wins the Golden Heart!

Let's have a huge round of virtual applause for Brigade member Kylie Griffin, who WON THE 2010 GOLDEN HEART PARANORMAL CATEGORY with one of her fantasy manuscripts, Bloodborn: Book One in the Light Blade Series! Yay, Kylie!!!!!


  1. Woohoo Kylie - Mega congratulations!!

  2. huzzah!

    break out the cabana boys!


  3. I hopped on over to Kylie's website and read her excerpt of BLOODBORN. Totally hooked! She has two other excerpts I need to finish reading...

  4. Congrats (again) Kylie! I have pics from the ceremony I'll try to post later.

    I need to email RWA to see if they can tell me if this is the first win by a SFR.

  5. Oh, almost forgot...

    *Presents Kylie with a Buffy award*

    Congrats! :)

  6. Hey, everyone, thank you for your congratulations. I've just arrived home and have taken five to catch up on all the emails etc.

    It was truly an honour to take home a Golden Heart - I'm still amazed and gob-smacked.

    Thank you again!!! :-)

  7. Glad you're back safe and sound, Kylie.

    I posted earlier that I had pics of the Golden Heart event to put up...then realized they're on your camera! LOL

  8. Congrats, Kylie!! Made it worth coming all this way, eh? :)


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